Private Chef Services

SUMMER 2018 -- I will be on Fishers Island for [most of] the summer! I have tons of experience with summer cooking in NYC, the Hamptons and Maine. I cater events of all sizes and levels of formality. I also do meal drops, beach picnics, BBQs, drop-off canapés, regular family meals, diets/cleanses, baby food— you name it, I’ve cooked it. Please contact me to make your life a little easier this summer!

Other services I offer throughout the year:

meal prep pic.jpg

Meal Prep

Weekly or bi-weekly meal prep / meal drops are when I customize a menu based on a client's dietary needs and preferences, spend a day shopping and cooking (in client's kitchen or in mine), and then leave their fridge full of delicious dishes to reheat (and no dishes in the sink).

Great for families, busy New Yorkers who don't want to order out every night, or nursing mothers who could use some extra help.



My cooking is definitely healthy-- I prioritize using high-quality ingredients without preservatives, cooking as seasonally as possible, and creating delicious and balanced menus. 

I can help you lose weight before a wedding or after a baby, provide elimination diet meals that don't bore you to tears, and cook ketogenic or low-microbial diets for clients undergoing cancer treatment.

I can accommodate the needs of clients who have specific dietary goals or restrictions. I think by now I have cooked just about every diet-- low-histamine, FODMAP, Whole30, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, low-microbial, ketogenic, weight-gain, zero sugar. 

I have also worked closely with dietitians and health coaches to translate a client's dietary instructions, and I love creating menus based on my clients' dietary needs but entirely customized to their particular tastes and preferences. 

I have also worked for 3 clients undergoing bone marrow transplants and 3 clients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Helping these clients and their families during such a stressful time (and being able to get someone with zero interest in food to gain weight) has been the most meaningful experience of my cooking career.



Family Meals

I have a roster of clients for whom I cook regular or irregular meals at home. I can cook a casual family weeknight dinner, a big Friday night Shabbat, or a romantic date night for two.

Sometimes it's nice to be able to eat your favorite meal in your pajamas and not have to do the dishes afterwards-- that's where I come in!

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Cooking Lessons

Maybe the most fun of all of my gigs. I've taught a 10 year old how to make soufflé, helped an 8 year old hone his skills in preparation for Top Chef Junior, shown a groom-to-be make ravioli for Valentine's Day, and coached a gang of rowdy moms how to cook an authentic pad thai.

Whether it's intense preparation for a big event or a fun night out, cooking lessons are a fun excuse to get together with friends and make a great gift!